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*'''MEC Sandbox''': MEC Service API playground (in development)
*'''MEC Sandbox''': MEC Service API playground (in development)
**[ MEC Sandbox Scenarios] (EOL account required): Macro/micro network emulation scenarios
**[ MEC Sandbox Scenarios] (EOL account required): Macro/micro network emulation scenarios
*'''[[MEC Applications]]''': 3rd party solutions
*'''[ MEC Applications]''': 3rd party solutions
*'''[[MEC Solutions]]''': 3rd party solutions
*'''[[MEC Ecosystem#MEC Solutions|MEC Solutions]]''': 3rd party solutions

== MEC Applications ==
== MEC Applications ==

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This page provides information very much related to the work of the ETSI ISG MEC Deployment and ECOsystem DEvelopment (DECODE) Working Group, whose aim is to accelerate the development of the MEC ecosystem:

MEC Applications

List of MEC Applications made available by third parties

Name of the App & logo Description MEC Consumed APIs MEC API provided Link Contact

MEC Solutions

List of MEC Solutions made available by third parties. Such solutions may offer all components (functional entities) of the MEC architecture, or a subset (for instance a MEC Platform, or API implementation).

Name of the project & logo Description MEC Components provided MEC APIs supported Link Contact

A request to add a new entry to either the MEC Applications or MEC Solutions should be sent to,.with title "MEC Ecosystem request" Any organization (ETSI member or not) is entitled to send the request.

The request should contain the information to be included in the table. "Contact" in the table is not mandatory, but a contact point is required to allow communication of changes or future developments on the page.

The chairman of DECODE WG and ETSI Secretariat will review the proposal and publish it.

Criteria for the inclusion into the Ecosystem page are:

  • The referenced activity is relevant to ETSI MEC i.e. it claims to implement at least one MEC Component from the MEC Architecture as defined in ETSI GS MEC 003.
  • The proposed description or text is not offensive and is fit for publication, in line with the purpose of the MEC wiki.