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ETSI ISG MEC is maintaining a namespace registry as a sub tree of the ETSI root urn:etsi namespace. A description of the top level ETSI URN namespace can be found on the ETSI webpage 1. The MEC URN namespace has the following structure:

urn:etsi:mec:<MEC sub-tree>

The following sections describe the basic structure of the sub-tree and how an entry in the registry can be requested.

MEC sub-tree

MEC sub-tree Full Namespace Type Description
coord urn:etsi:mec:coord string The namespace for Lifecycle management (LCM) coordination actions specified in group specifications defined by ETSI ISG MEC. The following ETSI MEC specifications define LCM coordination actions:
  • ETSI GS MEC 010-2 v2.2.1 (to be published at 2).

Type definitions

string = 1*(ALPHANUMERIC/-/_)
# a string should contain one or more upper- or lower-case letters, integer numbers, hyphens or underscores

ALPHA = {a-zA-Z}

Adding an entry (for ETSI ISG MEC group only)

A new MEC sub-tree can only be requested by the ETSI MEC ISG and its working groups, by making a contribution to ETSI ISG MEC DECODE.

Pre-condition: a MEC work item running has identified the need to enable a URN namespace. A contact person to formalize the request has been identified (e.g., a technical group official such as a WG Chair, the work item rapporteur or the author of the CR that introduces the new namespace subtree in the specification).