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This page provides the list of on-going ISG MEC PoCs. Click on them to learn further details.

The following MEC Proofs of Concept are developed according to the ETSI ISG MEC Proof of Concept Framework. MEC Proofs of Concept are intended to demonstrate MEC as a viable technology. Results are fed back to the Industry Specification Group on Mobile Edge Computing.

Neither ETSI, the ISG MEC, nor their members make any endorsement of any product or implementation claiming to demonstrate or conform to MEC. No verification or test has been performed by ETSI on any part of these MEC Proofs of Concept.

PoC 1 Video User Experience Optimization via MEC - A Service Aware RAN PoC
Intel - China Mobile - iQiYi
PoC 2 Edge Video Orchestration and Video Clip Replay via MEC
Nokia - EE - Smart Mobile Labs
PoC 3 Radio aware video optimization in a fully virtualized network
Telecom Italia - Intel UK Corporation - Eurecom - Politecnico di Torino
PoC 4 FLIPS – Flexible IP-based Services
InterDigital - Bristol is Open - Intracom - CVTC - Essex University
PoC 5 Enterprise Services
Saguna - Adva Optical Networking - Bezeq International
PoC 6 Healthcare – Dynamic Hospital User, IoT and Alert Status management
Quortus Ltd - Argela - Turk Telecom
PoC 7 Multi-Service MEC Platform for Advanced Service Delivery
Brocade - Gigaspaces - Advantech - Saguna - Vasona - Vodafone