PT01 - Demonstration of MEC Service Scenarios

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Demonstrate a service scenarios to be used on a MEC server to help build commercial awareness and confidence in the MEC concepts, and help to develop a diverse, open, MEC ecosystem. Illustrate the scenarios, describe some typical design patterns and derive some lessons learnt and requirements.

Examples of service scenarios available in the Service Scenario specification include:

• Intelligent Video Acceleration

• Video stream analysis

• Augmented reality

• ...

Demonstration of MEC Service Scenarios



What is expected to be learnt from the PoCs

Points to prove/refute

• What are the different architectural options to implement the service scenario? What is the one implemented / recommended by the PoC(s)?

• What are the main current limitations?

• What has been made in the PoC(s) to overcome those limitations?

Criterion of success

Document how the service scenario has been implemented and missing features or requirements for the MEC architectural framework have been contributed to the ISG MEC.

Technical information to be provided by the PoC Team

• Overall architecture, service scenario and use case descriptions

• Specifics on the issues faced

• Specifics on the solutions provided

• Specifics on the lessons learnt

• When applicable, input the findings to the MEC technical requirements (GS MEC 002) and architectural framework (GS MEC 003)

Template for the PoC Feedback Contribution

No specific template. POC Teams are expected to submit a Technical Report covering the points mentioned above.

Concerned WGs/WI

• MEC-004 Service Scenarios (GS MEC-IEG 004) - Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Service Scenarios (add link)


MEC IEG chair: Yun Chao Hu (

CTI Support: mailto(

Contributions (feedback) deadline

Q4 2015