PT03 - MEC Architecture

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Demonstrate the MEC Architectural components as defined the current draft DGS MEC003.

MEC PoC Topic Proposal - MEC Architecture



What is expected to be learnt from the PoCs

Points to prove/refute

Demonstrate the technical feasibility of the described MEC Architecture

Criterion of success

Feedback on the MEC Architecture

Other information

Used information flows and information model used.

Technical information to be provided by the PoC Team

Mapping of the PoC components to the MEC Architecture (some PoC components might not be mapped to the MEC architectural blocks)

Information flows and information models used by the PoC (optional)

Template for the PoC Feedback Contribution

No specific template. POC Teams are expected to submit a Technical Report covering the points mentioned above.

Concerned WGs/WI

GS MEC003 Mobile Edge Computing (MEC); MEC Architecture(See latest draft)


CTI Support: