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Demonstration of application scenarios specifically targeted on vertical markets of the 5G era, in order to show the usage of MEC system as enabler for different use cases and business objectives, helping all stakeholders to develop a diverse, open, MEC ecosystem. The goal is to emphasize the transversal role of MEC by MEC POC demonstrations of some use cases of vertical business area. Description of these scenarios, possibly identifying new use cases (or enhancements of the existing ones) that could generate requirements for MEC Phase 2 work. Examples of MEC-enabled Vertical Segments applications include specific services for:

• automotive and cooperative vehicles

• virtual reality / augmented reality

• IoT scenarios (with sensors, fog nodes, …)

• robotics and factories of the future

• eHealth and mHealth

• media and entertainment vertical

• applications for the energy industry

• etc …



What is expected to be learnt from the PoCs

Points to prove/refute

• What are the main use cases and requirements derived from the demonstrated applications of vertical segments markets

• What are the different deployment options the identified applications? What is the one deployed / recommended by the PoC(s)?

• What are the main current limitations? What has been made in the PoC(s) to overcome those limitations?

• Is the PoC identifying possible enhancements to the current MEC architecture?

• What is missing, if any, in the MEC specifications to enable the showcased application to be implemented in a live network

Criterion of success

Documentation of how the MEC-enabled Vertical Segments applications have been implemented and deployed, and which use cases (and/or requirements) have been identified for submission to the ISG MEC.

Technical information to be provided by the PoC Team

• New identified technical requirements and specific use case description

• Technical details on the issues faced

• Technical details on the solutions provided

• Technical details on the lessons learned

When applicable, submission of contributions to MEC technical requirements (GS MEC 002) for the MEC Phase 2 work.

Concerned WGs/WI



Dario Sabella (POC support team) (

Contributions (feedback) deadline

Q2 2018