PoC 4 FLIPS – Flexible IP-based Services

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PoC Team


Bristol is Open



Essex University

Main Contact

Alex Reznik, Interdigital alex.reznik@interdigital.com

Dirk Trossen, Interdigital mailto:dirk.trossen@interdigital.com

PoC Demo

PoC Demo 1 - MWC Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2016

PoC Demo 2 - PoC Live Demo using Bristol Is Open network, Bristol, UK, May 2016

PoC Demo 3 - MEC World Congress, Munich (GE), Sept 2016


An operator-based MEC Application is designed to transparently accelerate delivery of IP-based content and streaming media. This Application additionally allows exposure of in-network surrogate server to allow operators to offer Surrogate-as-a-Service for web-based media delivery.

PoC Proposal

MECIEG(16)000001r2_POC_Proposal__FLIPS__Flexible_IP-Based_Services.docx Updated proposal (22/03/2016): MECIEG(16)000001r2_POC_Proposal__FLIPS__Flexible_IP-Based_Services.docx

PoC Topics

This PoC is WORKING on:

PT01 - Demonstration of MEC Service Scenarios

PT02 - MEC Metrics

PoC Contribution to PT01 and PT02 (Technical Report) is expected by Q4 2016

PoC Report

PoC Report is expected by Q4 2016