PoC 5 Enterprise Services

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PoC Team


Adva Optical Networking

Bezeq International

Main Contact

Michael Rabinovich, Adva Optical mrabinovich@advaoptical.com

PoC Demo

PoC Demo 1 - MEC PoC ZONE @ MEC World Congress, Munich (GE), Sept 2016

PoC Demo 2 - PoC Live Demo at chosen Enterprise (TBD), Q1 2017


Use of MEC for Enterprise by implementation of a local breakout for the enterprise users

PoC Proposal


PoC Topics

This PoC is WORKING on:

PT01 - Demonstration of MEC Service Scenarios

PoC Contribution to PT01 (Technical Report) is expected by Q2 2017

PoC Report

PoC Report is expected by Q2 2017