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= Templates =
= Templates =
[Media:PoC_proposal_template.doc|PoC Proposal Template (word)]
[[Media:PoC_proposal_template.doc|PoC Proposal Template (word)]]
[Media:PoC_report_template.doc|PoC Report Template (word)]
[[Media:PoC_report_template.doc|PoC Report Template (word)]]
= ETSI CTI Support =
= ETSI CTI Support =

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NFV ISG has developed an NFV PoC Framework to coordinate and promote multi-vendor Proofs of Concept illustrating key aspects of NFV ISG work.

Learn more about NFV ISG PoCs

Framework Document

The PoC Framework document can be downloaded at:

NFV-PER002-PoC Framework - pdf version.

NFV-PER002-PoC Framework - Word version.

You'll find the templates for PoC Proposals and PoC Reports at the end of those documents.


PoC Proposal Template (word)

PoC Report Template (word)

ETSI CTI Support

The ETSI Center for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) has experience in supporting the organization of technology evaluations and interoperability events (in many ways similar to PoCs).

This experience may be useful to assist the PoC teams with test expertise, administration and project management support.

NFV ISG PoC Teams may request CTI assistance by contacting ETSI CTI.


Learn more about NFV at ETSI