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MEC PoC Framework Document

The MEC Proof of Concept (PoC) Framework GS describes the full IEG MEC PoC activity process, roles, responsibilities, acceptance criteria, etc... The latest version of this document can be downloaded from:

(final draft for approval).

For convenience, a direct link to the PoC Proposal/PoC Report templates and a summary of the PoC Proposal acceptance criteria are provided below.


MEC PoC Proposal Template (word)

MEC PoC Report Template (word)

Acceptance Criteria

  • The PoC Proposal will follow the PoC Proposal Template
  • The PoC Team will have at a minimum 3 different organizations:
    • at least one network operator;
    • at least one infrastructure provider;
    • at least one content/application provider.
  • The PoC Point of Contact will be an ISG MEC Member or ISG MEC Participant.
  • The PoC Proposal will address at least one of the PoC topics listed on the MEC Wiki.
  • The PoC Proposal will commit for a demonstration of the PoC at a public event, e.g. Public Exhibition, ISG MEC meeting, a related conference, or other events

CTI support

The ETSI Center for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) can assist the PoC teams with test expertise, administration and project management.

MEC PoC Teams may request CTI assistance by contacting ETSI CTI.


ISG MEC is creating a standardized, open environment which will allow the efficient and seamless integration of applications from vendors, service providers, and third-parties across multi-vendor Mobile-edge Computing platforms.

ISG MEC has developed a MEC PoC Framework to coordinate and promote multi-vendor Proofs of Concept illustrating key aspects of the ISG MEC work.

Learn more about ISG MEC