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MEC PoC Topics are specific areas, often linked to a Work Item, where input or feedback from the MEC Proofs of Concept is needed. MEC PoC Topics help to focus PoC Projects on the most relevant topics for the ISG MEC, and to increase the relevance of their contributions.

MEC PoC Topics are identified and documented by ISG MEC. MEC PoC Topics may include templates for the PoC Contributions and deadlines to ensure that the PoC Contributions arrive on-time to be taken into account by the targeted WIs.

MEC PoC Topics

ID PoC Topic Status WI(s) PoC Feedback Template(s) Deadline Addressed by PoC(s)
PT#01 Demonstration of MEC Service Scenarios Active MEC-IEG004 Q42015


Addressing a PoC Topic in a PoC Projects

PoC Teams specify the targeted PoC Topic(s) in their PoC Proposal, and commit to provide the expected input or feedback in the requested format (template, if applicable) in a timely manner.

Feeding back the results

As soon as experimental results relevant for a given MEC PoC Topic are available (no need to wait for the PoC Project to be completed), the PoC Team creates a contribution and informs the ISG MEC by email (if the Pot Topic had a specific template for feedback contributions, it should be used). PoC TEams are also encouraged to contribute additional results and lessons learned during the PoC Project to the ISG MEC.