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I would like to submit a MEC POC proposal where can I find a Word version of the template?

The MEC PoC Proposal and Report Templates are available at PoC Framework

Do all of the PoC Team members have to be ISG MEC participants?

No, it is only required that (at least) the main point of contact of the POC is an ISG MEC member or participant.
PoC Proposal Acceptance Criteria are described in section 4.3 of the MEC PoC Framework and summarized PoC Framework page

How do I submit the completed MEC PoC Proposal?

Once your PoC Proposal completed, you need to:
1)	upload it to the ETSI portal as a regular contribution to the MEC ISG IEG
2)	send an email to ISG_MEC_IEG@LIST.ETSI.ORG with [MEC PoC Proposal] in the subject line and a link to 
the uploaded contribution included in the body. To be able to post your email, you will need to subscribe
to that list if not already done. [Add ref / extract of the PoC Framework]