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After the successfull campaign of MEC Proof of Concepts (PoC), ETSI ISG MEC has developed the MEC Deployment Trial Framework (MDT).

The goal of MDTs is to demonstrate the viability of MEC in commercial trials/deployments and to provide feedback to the standardization work.

How does it work

The MEC Deployment Trial Framework follows the same process as PoCs. The MEC Deployment Trial framework describes the process and criteria that a MEC Deployment Trial demonstration must adhere to. The latest version of this document can be downloaded here: MEC PoC/MDT Framework [1]

A MDT proposal can be submitted by a MDT team consisting of a minimum 2 different stakeholder members among network operator, infrastructure provider and content/application provider.

The MDT Proposal is expected to be deployed in a commercial network or a field trial network relying on the principles of MEC and its interfaces as much as applicable for the demonstrated use case.

MDT Team

In particular, the MDT Team will have at a minimum 2 different stakeholder members among:

  • network operator;
  • infrastructure provider;
  • content/application provider.

The MDT Point of Contact is an ISG MEC Member or an ISG MEC Participant. The MDT Proposal will address at least one of the PoC Topics listed on this wiki.

The MDT Team is expected to demonstrate their MDT proposal at a public event, e.g. Public Exhibition, ISG MEC meeting, or other events, by means outlined in the MDT proposal.

How to propose a MEC Deployment Trial

The MDT proposal will be uploaded on the ETSI Portal as a contribution to ISG MEC and a link to the contribution sent to the following address:

  MEC_PoC_support_team at

Download the template to fill in a Proposal for an MDT

How to report a the concluded MDT

Fill in the template below and email it at

  MEC_PoC_support_team at

Download the template to fill in a Proposal for an MDT