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ETSI is pleased to be the official partner of THE EDGE COMPUTING WORLD who hosted this annual Hackathon on 12-14 October 2021. The Hackathon was held virtual over the summer. Edge Computing World was hosting the Hackathon information portal and was the venue for final pitches and judging of the Hackathon entries during the Edge Developers Conference on 12 October 2021.


This year’s challenge was “What innovative Edge Application or Service can you imagine using MEC Service APIs?” Contestants will be asked to bring that app or service to life with the ETSI MEC Sandbox. Teams are encouraged to be creative in selecting an application vertical to focus on for their submission, include:Automotive, Drones, AR/VR, media, and entertainment & Smart Cities.

Teams at the Hackathon will be tasked to develop an innovative Edge Application or Service that utilizes the ETSI MEC Service APIs provided in the Sandbox. Challenge winning criteria will include:

  • Innovation – how novel is the submitted edge app or service?
  • Usage of MEC Service APIs – especially, the use of multiple service APIs and any interworking between them.
  • Quality – quality of submission deliverables

For more details , see : 2021 MEC Hackathon - pre-event Webinar presentation

Supporting organizations


Hackathon phases:

  • Submissions Due: 28 July 2021
  • Teams Notified: 6 August 2021
  • Hackathon: 9 Aug -- 1 Oct 2021
  • Winners: 12 October 2021 (Edge Developers Conference)

Jury members


Technical challenge

Teams were provided with a dedicated instance of the ETSI MEC Sandbox for their work over the duration of the Hackathon. The MEC Sandbox is an online environment where developers access and interact with live ETSI MEC Service APIs in an emulated edge network set in Monaco, which includes 4G, 5G, and WiFi configurations.

The MEC Sandbox offers edge contextual information via the following ETSI MEC Service APIs:

  • Location (MEC013)
  • Radio Network Information (MEC012)
  • WLAN Access Information (MEC028)



Prizegiving day


Winner team

The ETSI MEC Hackathon 2021 winner is The “A Team”, composed by personnel from Optare Solutions. They developed a solution called “Follow Mec”, consisting in a surveillance drone application.

Big congratulations from the jury !!!

Outside the hackathon, Optare Solutions helps Telecoms to streamline their OSS and BSS Systems. More than 11 years of experience and a specialized team makes them the go-to choice for many to fulfill their system integration demands.


  • Post-event Press release :[here]

Awarded project

The A Team introduced an innovative, quick, and flexible deployment of an aerial camera drone. It showcased a MEC application for surveillance activities (tracking pedestrians, wildlife control, crowd control).

The application used the resources of the MEC to execute AI algorithms and adapts its behavior in real time to the different conditions of coverage, signal quality, and power.

ETSI MEC APIs allow for cheaper hardware, a reduced weight of the drone, increasing its autonomy and balance and offers a flexible suite of AI assets leading to optimized costs.


  • See the awarded project video [here ]