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MEC-IEG006 Rapporteur: Milan Patel (Huawei) ([])
MEC-IEG006 Rapporteur: Milan Patel, Huawei ([])

CTI Support: []
CTI Support: []

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Identify valuable and measurable MEC metrics that demonstrate the technical and business benefits of the MEC solutions in some use cases. Demonstrate the identified MEC Metrics as drafted within the current DGS MEC-IEG006.

MEC PoC Topic Proposal - MEC Metrics



What is expected to be learnt from the PoCs

Points to prove/refute

• Valuable and measureable additional MEC Metrics that demonstrate the benefits of MEC in some use cases

• Demonstrate that the identified MEC Metrics are measurable

Criterion of success

• KPI/Metrics that are contributed to the draft GS MEC-IEG006

Other information

• Proposed measured metric value ranges with additional detailed description under what conditions they have been measured

Technical information to be provided by the PoC Team

The identified MEC Metrics are either described by the current draft or will be provided by the PoC Team as input contributions to the IEG WG meetings.

Template for the PoC Feedback Contribution

No specific template. POC Teams are expected to submit a Technical Report covering the points mentioned above.

Concerned WGs/WI

• GS MEC-IEG006 Mobile Edge Computing (MEC); MEC Metrics (See latest draft)


MEC-IEG006 Rapporteur: Milan Patel, Huawei (

CTI Support:

Contributions (feedback) deadline

Q4 2016