PoC 7 Multi-Service MEC Platform for Advanced Service Delivery

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Ongoing PoCs

PoC Team

  • Brocade
  • Gigaspaces
  • Advantech
  • Saguna
  • Vasona
  • Vodafone

Main Contact

Tim Epkes, Brocade tepkes@brocade.com

Kevin Shatzkamer, Brocade kshatz@brocade.com

PoC Demo

PoC Demo 1 - MEC PoC ZONE @ MEC World Congress, Munich (GE), Sept 2016

PoC Demo 2 - ETSI Webinar, Q4 2016

PoC Demo 3 - Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Feb 2017


MEC requires more than just standardization, including the establishment of an interoperable ecosystem that continues to develop new use-cases for MEC. Through a single, unified infrastructure, NFV-O, and cloud orchestration system, this MEC PoC will demonstrate the ability to support multiple MEC platforms and applications residing on shared and common computing infrastructure, each providing a unique value-add on the traffic traversing platform. Traffic, by APN or IP address range, will be dynamically routed to select MEC platforms, which will then introduce unique sets of data analytics, traffic optimization and network applications, leveraging service function chaining, that enhance subscriber experience and operator visibility into network characteristics

link=http://mecwiki.etsi.org/index.php?title=PoC_7_Multi-Service_MEC_Platform_for_Advanced_Service_Delivery Multi-Service

PoC Proposal


PoC Topics

This PoC is working on:

PT01 - Demonstration of MEC Service Scenarios

PT03 - MEC Architecture

PoC Contribution to PT01 and PT03 (Technical Report) is expected by September 2016

PoC Report

PoC Report is expected by Q1 2017