PoC 8 Video Analytics

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PoC Team


Vodafone Hutchison Australia


Main Contact

Uwe Rauschenbach, Nokia uwe.rauschenbach@nokia.com

Dirk Lindemeier, Nokia dirk.lindemeier@nokia.com

PoC Demo

PoC Demo 1 - MEC PoC ZONE @ MEC World Congress, Munich (GE), Sept 2016

PoC Demo 2 - ETSI Webinar, November 2016


Video Analytics is an end to end use case for providing video surveillance to cities, municipalities, and enterprises over an LTE network. MEC is used for analysing raw video streams from surveillance cameras connected over LTE, and for forwarding relevant incidents to the local control room.

PoC Proposal


PoC Topics

This PoC is WORKING on:

PT01 - Demonstration of MEC Service Scenarios

PT03 - MEC Architecture

PoC Contribution to PT01 and PT03 (Technical Report) is expected by December 2016

PoC Report

PoC Report is expected by December 2016