ETSI - LF MEC Hackathon 2022

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Past Hackathons

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ETSI/Linux Foundation

MEC Hackathon 2022

Organization and scope


  • Driven by LF Edge Akraino and ETSI ISG MEC
  • Hosted at Edge Computing World, Europe (June ‘22) & Global (October ‘22)

The goal was to develop an innovative Edge Application or Solution, utilizing ETSI MEC Service APIs and LF Edge Akraino Blueprints. Your solution might include any combination of terminal apps, edge apps or services, and cloud components.

The Edge Hackathon was run remotely from 29 June to 23 September with a short-list of best teams invited to complete with demonstrations and a Hackathon “pitch-off” at the Edge Computing World, Global Event in Santa Clara in the Silicon Valley

Hack2022 scope2.png
  • Edge Computing provides developers with localized, low-latency resources that can be utilized to create new and innovative solutions, which are essential to many application vertical markets in the 5G era.
  • ETSI’s ISG MEC is standardizing an open environment that enables the integration of applications from infrastructure and edge service providers across MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) platforms and systems.
  • LF Edge’s Akraino project offers a set of open infrastructure and application Blueprints for Edge, spanning a broad variety of application vertical use-cases. Each blueprint offers a high-quality full-stack solution that is tested and validated , that are validated by the community.
  • The purpose of this Hackathon was to demonstrate an innovative Edge Application or Solution focused on the following application vertical use-cases with supporting ETSI MEC Service APIs and LF Edge Akraino Blueprint resources:
    • Automotive: Realize a vehicular use case or service to enable intelligent traffic control, driving capabilities, increased safety, etc.
    • Mixed and Augmented Reality: Realize an immersive application enabling interactivity of physical systems and human experiences.
    • Edge Computing and 5G: Deploy and use 5G and hybrid edge infrastructure to enable federation for distributed edge applications

However, teams were also encouraged to be creative and propose to develop solutions in other application verticals than these highlighted.

Supporting organizations


Hackathon phases:

  • Submissions Due: 29 June 2022
  • Teams Notified: 1 July 2022
  • Hackathon: 1 July -- 23 Sept 2022
  • Winners: On-site Hackathon Demos and “Pitch-off”: The three best teams were invited to demonstrate their solutions at the Edge Computing World Global 2022 event in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley on October 10th-12th. The winning team was selected following the “pitch-off” and announced at the conference.
  • Prizes :
    • 1st Place: $9,000
    • 2nd Place: $2,500
    • 3rd Place: $1,000
    • Special Best Automotive Prize by 5GAA: $2,500


ETSI MEC resources

  • Suggested ETSI MEC Services and APIs:
    • MEC011 - MEC Platform Application & Service Enablement (Mp1)
    • MEC012- Radio Network Information Service (RNIS)
    • MEC013 - Location Service
    • MEC021 - Application Mobility Service (AMS)
    • MEC028 - WLAN Access Information Service (WAIS)
    • MEC030 – V2X Information Service (VIS)
  • ETSI Forge:
  • ETSI MEC Sandbox:

LF Edge - Akraino Blueprints

Developers encouraged to use other Blueprints of their choosing

Automotive 1.MEC-based Stable Topology Prediction for Vehicular Networks
Mixed and Augmented Reality 2.Virtual Classroom (Integrated Edge Cloud Type 4)
Edge Computing and 5G 3.Integrated Cloud Native NFV/App Stack

4.Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI)

5.Enterprise Applications on Lightweight 5G Telco Edge (EALTE)

Additional resources

Awarded projects



15 Teams from Europe, US and Asia have participated to this exciting hackathon, submitting high-quality and innovative projects.

Big Thanks to all of them.

The Jury has reviewed and awarded the following Top projects:

  • 1st Prize : Team "Domino" from Equinix and Aarna Networks
  • 2nd Prize : Team "Pedraforca" from CTTC and Vicomtech
  • 3rd Prize and best Automotive project : Team "K.I.T.T Knowledge In The Traffic" from Optare Solutions

Winner Team

The ETSI/LF MEC Hackathon 2022 winner is the “Domino” team , composed by staff from Equinix and Aarna Networks. They developed a solution called “MEC Service Federation for Location-aware IoT with DevOps MEC Infra Orchestration ”.

Big congratulations from the jury !!!

Edge Hackathon 2022-winners.png

From Left to right: Vivekanandan Muthukrishnan, Bob Gazda (Jury) , Oleg Berzin

In the solution they used Akraino Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI) blueprint and MEC Location API service to demonstrate orchestration of federated MEC infrastructure and services, including:

  • Bare metal, interconnection, virtual routing for MEC and Public Cloud IaaS/SaaS, across two operators/providers (a 5G operator and a MEC provider)
  • 5G Control and User Plane Functions
  • Deployment and operation of end-to-end cloud native IoT application making use of 5G access and distributed both across geographic locations and across hybrid MEC (edge cloud) and Public Cloud (SaaS) infrastructure
  • By orchestrating, bare metal servers and their software stack, 5G control plane and user plane functions, interconnection between the 5G provider and MEC provider, connectivity to a public cloud as well as the IoT application and the MEC Location API service, they show how it is possible for providers to enable sharing of their services in a MEC Federation

Details of the awarded projects

1st Prize : Equinix & Aarna Networks

2nd Prize : CTTC & Vicomtech

3rd Prize : Optare Solutions