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1st Prize Award

MEC Service Federation for Location-aware IoT withDevOps MEC Infra Orchestration


Team DOMINO ( DevOps MEC INfra Orchestration )

  • Oleg Berzin, Equinix
  • Vivekanandan Muthukrishnan, Aarna Networks

with the support of :

  • Kavitha Papanna, Aarna Networks
  • Premkumar Subramaniyan, Aarna Networks
  • Sai Lakshmi Cheedella, Aarna Networks
  • Namachi S, Aarna Networks
Edge Hackathon 2022-winners.png


In our solution we use Akraino Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI) blueprint and MEC Location API service to demonstrate orchestration of federated MEC infrastructure and services, including:

• Bare metal, interconnection, virtual routing for MEC and Public Cloud IaaS/SaaS, across two operators/providers (a 5G operator and a MEC provider)

• 5G Control and User Plane Functions

• Deployment and operation of end-to-end cloud native IoT application making use of 5G access and distributed both across geographic locations and across hybrid MEC (edge cloud) and Public Cloud (SaaS) infrastructure

• By orchestrating, bare metal servers and their software stack, 5G control plane and user plane functions, interconnection between the 5G provider and MEC provider, connectivity to a public cloud as well as the IoT application and the MEC Location API service, we show how it is possible for providers to enable sharing of their services in a MEC Federation environment.

Use Case Description

Hack2022-Domino use case1.png

Hack2022-Domino use case2.png

Hack2022-Domino use case3.png

Hack2022-Domino use case4.png

Hack2022-Domino use case5.png

Project Videos

  • See the demo video of the project [here ]
  • See the presentation pitch at the Edge Computing World conference [here]

Contributions & innovations

• A practical use case showing a realization of ETSI MEC Federation architecture

• An introduction and a functioning demonstration of MEC Federation Data Plane

• Implementation of the GSMA OPG Edge Node sharing scenario using MEC Federation

• Implementation of ETSI MEC Location API Service and its integration with a MEC application

• Implementation of a combined MEC Federation Broker and MEC Orchestrator with unique capabilities for infrastructure orchestration in multiple domains such as public cloud, edge/MEC cloud, network operator, 5G control plane and user plane cloud native function deployment as well as cloud native service and application deployment

• Implementation of integrated Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code module into the orchestrator enabling DevOps infrastructure orchestration

Software resources

Terraform plans


Ansible playbooks


Helm3 charts


Camunda workflows