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Edge Discovery events series

ETSI MEC meets vertical markets: Spatial Computing and Gaming


When ?

  • Tuesday 09 April 2024 – 16.00 – 19.00 CET
  • Remote: This will be an online event.
  • Participation free of charge


  • The event aims to explore how MEC technology can enhance spatial computing and gaming verticals by improving performance, scalability, security, and fostering innovation.
  • It features presentations, panel discussions, and dynamic interactive engagement, offering comprehensive insights into MEC’s opportunities, challenges, and implications, including the exposed capabilities from the edge environment that contribute to enhancing spatial computing and gaming experiences. A panel discussion delves into key themes, expected market dynamics and how stakeholders can prepare and capitalize on future opportunities, aiming to inspire action towards unlocking the full potential of spatial computing and gaming.
  • The event will bring together a diverse range of stakeholders including network operators, chip makers, application developers, XR headset manufacturers, technology providers, and vendors.

Session and panel organizer

Nurit Sprecher (Nokia, Head of Management, Virtualization and Application Enablement Standardization)

Agenda of the live event

  1. Welcome note, setting the scene: unlocking 5G/6G Edge Value for Spatial Computing and Gaming Applications (10 minutes)
    • Nurit Sprecher, Nokia, ETSI MEC delegate, Spatial Computing and Gaming @ MEC Discovery Event Chair
  2. Key Notes: Edging Ahead: XR, GenAI, and Beyond (15 minutes)
    • Leslie Shannon, Trend and Innovation Scouting
  3. Elisa’s approach to Metaverse - Emerging trends and possibilities (15 minutes)
    • Santeri Suominen, Metaverse Initiative Lead, Elisa
  4. Next-Gen Gaming @ The Edge: Pioneering Edge Market Evolution, Ultra Low Latency Matchmaking, MNO Interoperability, and Network Slicing (15 minutes)
    • Josh Arensberg, CTO, Media and Entertainment, Verizon
  5. Real world examples how the edge network has enabled spatial computing by improving performance and security at the same time (15 minutes)
    • Matias Koski, CEO, Immersal
  6. Edge computing applied to today’s gaming market: a case study (15 minutes)
    • Mathieu Dupeer, CEO and Founder, EdgeGap
  7. 5G Extended Realities - Highly Secure XR Streaming from the Edge (15 minutes)
    • Philipp Landgraf, Senior Director XR Streaming, Holo-Light
  8. Network as Code live demo for Visual Positioning in Events (15 minutes)
    • Lauri Alho, Head of Ecosystem Development, Nokia
  9. Edge Horizons: Navigating Future Opportunities in Spatial Computing and Gaming – open panel discussion: (30 minutes)
    • Moderator: Leslie Shannon, Nokia, Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting
  10. Wrap-up: learnings and next steps (10 minutes)
    • Nurit Sprecher, Nokia, ETSI MEC delegate, chair on the MEC discovery event