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Series of Multi-access Edge Computing live panels

ETSI MEC meets vertical markets: APIs exposure helping the Drones Business


When ?

  • Monday 26 June 2023 – 16.30 – 19.00 CET -- ETSI premises - Sophia Antipolis (France)
  • Hybrid : event F2F and Remote
  • Participation free of charge

Session and panel organizer

Nurit Sprecher (Nokia, Head of Management, Virtualization and Application Enablement Standardization)


  • This panel will explore from a MEC perspective the drone business, by inviting relevant speakers from this vertical market.
  • The goal is to share insights from experts on regulation, technology and business, and understand how the various drones use cases (e.g. private sky/network and public U-spaces) can benefit from computing resources at the edge and information exposed.
  • After the intervention of the various speakers, a final panel discussion will include also a Q&A interactive session with both F2F and remote participants.

Agenda of the live event

  • Welcome note (10 minutes)
    • Nurit Sprecher, Nokia, ETSI MEC delegate, Drones @ MEC Panel Chair
  • Introduction to ETSI MEC (10 minutes)
    • Dario Sabella, ETSI ISG MEC Chair
  • Using 5G for Drone Operations makes S E N S E ! (15 minutes)
    • Hans Similon, Citymesh
  • Unmanned Life: Pioneering Autonomous Robotics Orchestration at the Edge (15 minutes)
    • Jorge Muñoz, VP and Co-founder, Unmanned Life
  • Leveraging new network capabilities to deploy command and control and deconfliction services (15 minutes)
    • Boris Resnick, CTO, Flyvercity
  • Unleashing the Rooster Drone's Potential: The Crucial Role of Network Connectivity (15 minutes)
    • Yam Geva, CTO, CTO, RoboTiCan
  • Preparing Italian Airspace to accommodate U-SPACE and Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) - A Service Provider Perspective (20 minutes)
    • Cristiano Baldoni, Chief of Business Systems Integration, D-Flight, Enav Group
  • Unlocking the Network’s Value Potential for Drone Apps with Network as Code, Demo (15 minutes)
    • Mikko Jarva, Head of Portfolio and Architecture, Network Monetization Platform, Nokia
  • Open panel discussion and brainstorming on the opportunities, challenges, requirements, possible solutions (20 minutes)
    • Moderator: Nurit Sprecher, Nokia, ETSI MEC delegate, chair on the MEC panel
  • Wrap-up: learnings and next steps
    • Nurit Sprecher, Nokia, ETSI MEC delegate, chair on the MEC panel

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